TOEFL : PART STRUCTURE “Structure and Written Expression”


Examples for structure questions :

  • Sentence has a subject and a verb
  1. Engineers _______ for work on the new space program. (a) necessary (b) are needed (c) hopefully (d) next month -> the answer is B, that is a verb.
  2. The North Pole ________ a latitude of 90 degrees north. (a) it has (b) is having (c) which is having (d) has -> the answer is D, that is a verb.
  3. Rubber ________ from vulcanized silicones with a high molecular weight is difficult to distinguish from natural rubber. (a) is produced (b) producing (c) that produce (d) produced -> D is a verb.
  4. _______ will be going to the movies with a friend. (a) he is (b) he always was (c) is relaxing (d) the boy -> D is a subject.
  • Objects of preposition

          For examples: at, in, on, of, with, by, before, after, for, etc.

  1. With his friend _______ found the movie theater. (a) has (b) later (c) he (d) when -> C as subject
  2. Shopping in the downtown area of the city _______ a lot in recent years. (a) has improved (b) have improving (c) it has (d) that was -> A as verb
  • Appositive

          An appositive is a noun that comes before or after another noun and has the same meaning.

  1. ______ , one of ARB’s son, married to Nia Ramadhani. -Andi Bakrie
  2. _______, Sarah rarely misses her basketball shots. -An excellent basketball player

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